Glass Phreque - Israel Hoyer

Creating glass art has been a wonderful way for me to release my inner Phreque.

I started my glass art work in October of 2013 with only one 2 hour class and since then have fully immersed myself into this wonderful medium of glass.

I came from a very artistic background with my mother having been a fine art major and working for the Seattle Opera Company as a set designer. It was passed down to me and I value and treasure my gift of being artistic.

Doodling in my room as a child became more and more of an obsession while I listened to music to escape from the pressures of growing in my dysfunctional family. Art is an escape for many and few know that it calms the soul and releases greater joy from the harsh realities of life!

I have worked in many mediums before, but this has been the one that has most set my heart on fire to create things in glass that are mostly functional as well as beautiful to look at.

I am now a member of TACA (Tucson Arts and Crafts Association) and have been in many local Open Air Markets. I also have pieces in the Exposed Art Gallery and Studio in Phoenix Arizona.

Creating pieces for people and doing commission work has been a great challenge for me and the more challenges I have the better I become at mastering this medium.

My goal is to make people see that my art is not just to be looked at in a glass case or on a shelf. I want people to actually feel the glass to enjoy its smooth or rough textures and to use it in their every day life.

Some pieces I do are not functional, but still in some way they function as an inspiration to enjoy the beauty in life and what can be created from a medium only made from a mineral of Earth and Fire!

Glass is wonderful and I hope that you will enjoy my Gallery and what I create from my heart and soul.

Israel Hoyer
9462 East Calle Cascada
Tucson, Arizona 85715

(520) 668-5086